A Day On the Water with Price

It was 91* today – spring was obviously short-lived. It already feels like summer. Cool evenings no more – we’re into the muggy, “turn off all the lights before opening the front door so mosquitoes don’t come in” days. To celebrate (we’ll say that), Price and I went wave runnin’ today. None of these pictures […]

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Lovely weekend home with my new family 🙂 Ribs and brisket in the new smoker! My new serving spoons are on the way (haha-my set will be complete!), just got a haircut (!!!!!!!!!!!), put a huge dent in the thank you note list, got lots of laundry and organizing done (we are putting away/organizing our […]

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On finding her calling

One of my best friends (and bridemaids!) Melisa is following her heart, chasing her dreams, and totally trusting God to unveil His plan for her life. She’s starting a non-profit. And it’s really cool. Check out her blog, Do Something That Matters. To say I’m proud of her is an understatement. What she’s doing is […]

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Looking back: WHOA!

I’m currently working on my year end review for work. My “year end” was technically June 11th, but we’ve been busy, so it’ll happen tomorrow. The way it works in our office is that the boss generally fills out our “performance review.” I have been told that by boss did fill out one,  and was […]

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Big Week!

This week has been/is a big week! Let’s say Sunday is the beginning of this week. Sunday: John and I bought our first car together–my first car (that doesn’t belong to my parents)! It was due to an unfortunate, terrible accident (happened Friday) that involved one of my brothers, his friend, and the CRV I […]

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