Big Week!

This week has been/is a big week! Let’s say Sunday is the beginning of this week.

Sunday: John and I bought our first car together–my first car (that doesn’t belong to my parents)! It was due to an unfortunate, terrible accident (happened Friday) that involved one of my brothers, his friend, and the CRV I drove in college. The CRV is no more (prompting my brother to need my car), but more importantly Brian and Taylor are totally OK, which is a total miracle. I’m not going to show a picture of the car, because it’s not so good on the tummy. It looks like there is no way anyone survived. But they did, and other than suffering minor bruising and a few sores, they are ok. Alive and with us–most thankfully.  Sunday I also met with my sweet friend/wedding planner who is a HUGE help in coordinating a wedding with an invite list of 604 people thus far. Yes, you read that right. 604. No, they all won’t come, but it will also be opened to our church. Which is big. It’s going to be a huge, fun celebration! We got a lot done and I made a lot of decisions–which is key in getting things done! I’m very indecisive about all things decorating (mostly due to the fact that I know nothing about this topic). I know what I want/like, but I’m not sure how to make it work. Leah does, though. That’s why she’s a wedding planner. And she’s awesome. The reception will be a total reflection of who John and I are, mostly DIY (because we like DIY and it makes it more personal for us), and on the affordable side for such a huge room/guest # potential. So, Sunday–car and wedding planning. Also a living, breathing Brian.

This week: Work preparations for our semi-annual OM meeting, where our managers from our other offices come to my office (our headquarters) for a day-long meeting of planning and business-update stuff. OM meeting is Saturday, which means I spend this week in preparations. We are also hosting a dinner Saturday night (post-meeting) to honor those who have been with the company for 5 years or more–busy busy! A full, 6 day work week for all of us involved. Woo. John is also working on the LAST (30 page) paper he has to write for his current degree. Come Sunday, he will have completed a MS-Management degree. I couldn’t be prouder of him. It’ll be a long week (he works full time), but it’ll be worth it come Sunday night when it’s DONE! We’ll then have a few months when either of us are in school (he will likely start again in February–my Mr. Education), so that will be a nice change of pace/deviation from the norm for us.

This weekend: Work. Work. Work. For both John + me!

So, a busy week: New car, wedding planning, busy work, and the completion a degree!!

And–because I don’t really like to post with a picture, here’s a “behind the scenes” gem from our engagement photo shoot. You can judge it. John is really excited about something and I’m……about to do the chicken dance? What?


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