Wednesday Randoms

This evening was lovely. A solid run, a yummy salad, some relaxation, successful Target shopping, a quick visit with my fiance, and the most amazing dessert ever.

Thanks to my friend Laura, I am learning to crochet. She sent me this book a few weeks ago and I’ve finally had the chance to open it up. She had the yarn and hook secured to the book, so I hadn’t even taken them off yet (I lose things). Tonight I found a sweet note inside of the book–thank you so much, Laura. Brought a smile to my face! You are too too kind.
Here’s where I admit that I generally read everything. Directions, instructions, etc. If it’s there, I read it. I tried to follow the directions via mimicking the images in the book, but I failed to figure it out. Laura, I had to resort to YouTube to get started. I got started, though!! I’m learning I’m learning! I thought this sentence was funny–the paragraph starts out something like “today this is becoming popular again…” hahaha..wouldn’t that be SO nice!


The salad (thanks mom!). With the awesome kitchen light that I just LOVE. Not.

And–the dessert. My dad makes the absolute BEST poundcake EVER. Check out that buttery crust (well, what’s left–I have a habit of eating the crust off the cake….).  I heated it up and added some blueberries & peppermint icecream. Sounds weird, but it was good. MMMMMMM.


The Target trip was a success–I was on the hunt for a purple shirt for John to wear in our engagement pics. Found one!

Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. Missing my MOH!

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