Charleston: Celebrating Elizabeth!

Bridesmaids. Family. Friends.

We all gathered for a weekend in Charleston to spend time with Elizabeth before her BIG [WEDDING] DAY!



We ate. A lot. We threw her a girls-only party. She was embarrassed.



We went to the beach equipped with Publix subs. Well, we walked a LONG way to the beach. Liz was a trooper. She insisted on carrying the cooler (she has a disease where she won’t let other people do anything for her)-it was, of course, properly painted. The day was gorgeous and HOT.

DSC_3160 DSC_3162

Liz made it first–treading through the HOT sand decked out in her sash. Here’s proof that we were there. And that she wore the sash at every moment (as she should have!!).


After the beach we headed back to the hotel where we swam, ate some more, and hung around the hotel room (I took a nap…shhhh don’t tell).  We had dinner at a BBQ place and had fun listening to a band at a small bar & grill.

I love my family. A lot. We had a blast celebrating!

Liz-I love you to the moon and back. Plus a few more miles. I’m so happy for you and am SO looking forward to your big day!


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