We’ll Miss You, Aunt Gladys

Her obituary read: Gladys “Izzy”, 88, of Tampa, passed away on May 19, 2011. Gladys moved to the Tampa area from TN when she was 16 years old. She attended the old Tampa Business College and worked for Pioneer Telephone Co. She remained at Pioneer Telephone as it transitioned to GTE, then Verizon and retired […]

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We saw Hop at the local drive-in a few weeks ago. It was SO MUCH FUN!! Arrived early, played some football, got really sweaty, then piled in the back of the car and laughed through the entire movie. We’ll definitely be back soon! [and yes, we did turn off the inside lights. no car batteries […]

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A Tale of Two Squirrels

There once was a squirrel, Squirrel #1, we’ll call him Who saw John was offering peanuts So he decided to climb down – very quickly And take a peanut from John’s hand And continued to do so – and munched for a good 10 minutes Until -dun dun dun -squirel #2 arrived Squirrel #1 quickly […]

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