LaGrange/ATL Whirlwind Weekend

In a crazy, less than 24 hour, whirlwind trip to GA, I saw many friends, sisters and two beautiful brides, shared two meals with people that mean the world to me, visited the house and room I lived in my senior year of college and found that trinkets I left there are still on display (how cool is that?), drove to the tennis courts I spent what seems like half my life on, took in the beauty that was and is my home on the hill. While in ATL I made a quick stop to see Aunt Claire and Kelly. Other than the fact that Kelly is TAN (whatever), she’s my look-alike, and I love that. I’m all about making every moment count. To wrap it all up, I spent the night with a family who I consider my own. It was a wonderful almost-24 hours, and time that went by way too fast. When visiting my friends, it seemed like I had just seen them days ago, when in reality some I had not seen for over a year. Beautiful smiles, incredibly comforting hugs, and hilarious laughs were shared. Oh, those moments were so special to me.

Too caught up in the moments (and too many hours spent on I-85), I only snapped a few photos.

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