A Tale of Two Squirrels

There once was a squirrel, Squirrel #1, we’ll call him

Who saw John was offering peanuts

So he decided to climb down – very quickly

And take a peanut from John’s hand

And continued to do so – and munched for a good 10 minutes

Until -dun dun dun -squirel #2 arrived

Squirrel #1 quickly hid his peanut, acting as if nothing was going on.

Except squirrel #2 was no dummy, he knew what was going on.

Squirrel # 1 chirped (he actually made noises) “NO WAY,  these are MY peanuts” and took TWO – just to make sure squirrel #2 didn’t grab one – then chased squirrel #2 off.

Luckily John is nice, so he followed squirrel #2 around the gate, and fed her there

And they both were waiting for us at the front door when we left the house 15 minutes later.

I suppose we have patio resident Dyben squirrels. Hopefully they’ll at least keep the darn snake away.

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