I took photos this weekend. Of a family near and dear to my heart. It was a wonderful feeling. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of being confident while shooting, and am excited for what is to come. Of course, looking through the photos, I found a million things that I can […]

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The Coming of Fall

I wrote this last week… This week is the last week of summer. Of course our south Florida summer is not exactly characterized by weather or a “season” (wait, those exist??), and the end of summer never involves “ah, it’s getting cooler” comments. Wishful thinking! The end of our summer for us means school starts […]

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Braves Game

John and I got to enjoy some time with my dad a few weeks ago at a Marlins/Braves game in Miami. It had rained all day, so the crowds were sparse and the game was delayed, but we had a fun time chatting, eating ball park food, and enjoying our seats under cover. I wish […]

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Exciting Adventures

The Joy of an Ice Machine Stick the dollar in, it comes back out. Try the change. Nope. And again. NOPE. One last try. Oh, hey farm. It worked! Choosing the ice. HERE IT COMES! wait for it…wait for it…. TA DA!

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We spent the 4th celebrating JP’s birthday (an update coming later), but couldn’t miss out on the fireworks! We drove down to John’s parents’ house in Lake Worth to get a stellar view of the LW fireworks – simple enough, but extravagant in their own right. No traffic. No mobs of people. It’s worth the […]

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Oh, hi!

I should post. I know. It’s been…weeks. It’s currently just after midnight, which is WAY past my bedtime. I’m still running on adrenaline after a long day at work, a late afternoon meeting that made me an hour late for VBS volunteer duties (taking photos), dinner (luckily I prepared it during lunch, then John cooked […]

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