We spent the 4th celebrating JP’s birthday (an update coming later), but couldn’t miss out on the fireworks! We drove down to John’s parents’ house in Lake Worth to get a stellar view of the LW fireworks – simple enough, but extravagant in their own right. No traffic. No mobs of people. It’s worth the 10 extra minutes drive time. We tried to watch from the balcony, but due to tree blockage (darn palm tree), we ventured down the road just a bit to a wide open view.  I love fireworks. They’re beautiful, they’re celebratory, they bring people together. Nothing will ever compare to a Disney firework show, but I think they’re all awesome. We caught a few shows as we hopped on 95 and drove home, too. Very cool!

I have a new camera, so wanted to try a few diferent settings to get a few different looks. I had a dinky tripod and didn’t want to sit on the concrete to look through my viewfinder, so I pretty much just pointed the camera up, configured all the settings, and pressed the shutter button, hoping to see some sort of fireworks on the screen. And repeated this step until we left, trying a few different settings and pushing a few different buttons. A totally manual camera is not completely new to me, but some of the settings are – so I’m definitely in a learning curve. A FUN learning curve!

Some aren’t in focus, but I think that’s OK – part of the learning curve (a bunch of focus settings). In the end, I figured it out 🙂

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