Oh, hi!

I should post. I know. It’s been…weeks.

It’s currently just after midnight, which is WAY past my bedtime. I’m still running on adrenaline after a long day at work, a late afternoon meeting that made me an hour late for VBS volunteer duties (taking photos), dinner (luckily I prepared it during lunch, then John cooked it while we were shakin’ it up at VBS), special dessert making with kids (chocolate+PB+croissants=awesome and an idea from Pinterest, which is probably one of the reasons i haven’t blogged-that site is addicting), selahs bday cake baking + icing (we are celebrating tomorrow, which is actually today), dinner preparations for tomorrow/today, way more dishes than I wanted to clean (I dont like having dirty dishes in the sink), some laundry, and constant rearranging of
the kitchen counters-where all the stuff that is usually above my fridge is currently resting. The kithen counters that aren’t that big to begin with. Oh, because I’m still in the process of cleaning 3lbs of honey out of the cabinet above the fridge!

Whew, crazy day but fun fun times at VBS and so much fun tonight at home. I love being home. I love when we are all home.

There, a post 🙂 and maybe some self-motivation to write something good (and take some pics with my new camera that I can share)!

Much joy,

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