CVS – 6/26

First, check out the current CVS ad here.

If you aren’t familiar with CVS’s ExtraCareBuck (ECB) program, watch the video here.

I get at least two newspapers each week. One is delivered (Palm Beach Post), the other is usually $1.50 at Publix (Sun Sentinel).  Sometimes I don’t get to Publix until Sunday evening – and sometimes they’ve already sold out of the Sun Sentinels. If that’s the case, I’ll get another Post ($2). This is how I get more than one of the same newspaper coupon. The value of the coupons always outweighs the cost of the paper – by far.
*Sometimes there is a slight coupon difference between the two papers, for you local readers 🙂

ECBs= CVS $ you can use on a next purchase. They print out at the end of your receipt. It’s kind of like a gift certificate to CVS, and I consider this $, because it’s money I would have otherwise had to spend.

Here’s what I bought today, and a rundown of how I got it for $1.61:

To do any of this (even get ECBs) you need a CVS card. Can sign up for one in the store.

(2) 100% Natural Lipton bottled green tea – $1.79/each
-used (2) Free Lipton 100% Natural tea coupons found on Lipton’s FB page

$1 ECB when you buy Colgate total toothpaste @ $2.87
-used (1) $1/off colgate total coupon from last week’s newspaper insert
*this coupon isn’t listed on the linked ad above, as it wasn’t a common coupon

Dove Deal: Spend $15, Get $5 ECB
*note, “spend” in ECB cases, means spend that much before coupons – I didn’t really “spend” $15 out of my pocket, but it’s over $15 worth.

  • (4) Dove Body Wash – $3/each
    -used (2) BOGO (buy one, get one free) coupons from today’s newspaper inserts
    *note, this price is different than what is in the ad – I found this out when I checked out, but luckily I had my 2nd BOGO coupon with me and picked up 2 more to qualify for the ECBs.
  • (2) Dove Deodorants – $3/each
    -used (2) $2/off coupons from today’s newspaper inserts
    *note, this price is different than what is in the ad

$6.79 ECB when you buy RepHresh Tampons at $6.79
-used (1) $1/off coupon found here

In addition to those coupons, I also used a $3/off $15 purchase from the CVS coupon printer – I got it when I scanned my CVS card at the coupon center (just inside the door) before I started shopping.

I then used $9.99 in ECBs from previous weeks (this is the game – you spend $ the first week on items that give you ECBs, then in subsequent weeks buy items with your ECBs that will then give you MORE ECBs). I basically use ECBS every week to pay for my purchases (not including tax, which you HAVE to pay – cannot use ECBs to cover tax). Most commonly purchased household/beauty items can be purchased this way. It works. You end up stocking up on items, and don’t have to go out and spend $5 on a bottle of body wash @ regular price.

Here’s how I find out about Facebook coupons: Follow Southern Savers, I Heart Publix, & I Heart Saving Money on aFacebook. Follow their blogs (linked on their FB pages). They post when these things come available. They make a living doing it, so they do it often. You can also sign up for email updates – they send out one email a day outlining the deals they’ve found.

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