We’re Getting Married: Jacksonville Wedding Shower

Hello. Yes, it’s true. I’m alive. I feel like I’ve typed this before. I’ve been off the blogging train for 2 weeks or so. I’ve been a bit distracted by things, oh, I don’t know, related to planning a wedding, maybe?!It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Lots of working on the house, lots of taking care of semi-last minute details. A failed dress fitting. A rush order dress and multiple re-measurements to make sure the dress shop resubmits the correct measurements. A lot of hoping I’ll see my wedding dress two weeks before my wedding. Lots of phone calls and order placing. Details details details. Ceremony finalizing, suit purchasing, etc. All busy–all fun–all worth it. In just a few short weeks I’ll be a Mrs.!! And a pretty darn blessed Mrs, too! Honeymoon here we come!

We had two wedding showers a few weekends ago. The first was in Jacksonville. Two of my  aunts threw me a kitchen shower–family and friends were there–a lot of people whom I hadn’t seen in years (local Jacksonville family friends and friends from Palm Coast). It was so so wonderful to see everyone. Opening gifts in front of a lot of people is overwhelming and slightly awkward, but thankfully I was surrounded by cousins who keep me distracted from the awkwardness—generally by being awkward themselves. If anyone is surprised, you haven’t met my family.

We are truly, truly grateful for everyone who has supported us during this exciting time in. We have been overwhelmed with the love that has been shown, and we are so so grateful and thankful for the love and support of those whom we love.

We now have an almost fully re-stocked kitchen. Woo hoo! Out with the old, in with the new, and a bit of re-organization in the process. I love it.

Cookbook! Slower Cooker!


John and I wear these hats all over. We are really really cool big dorks.  This is not John–nor is Elizabeth, my cousin, the groom (John wasn’t invited to the ladies’ shower). Just for clarification. We aren’t from Alabama. Oh wait, yes half of our family is…..oops. Not that there is anything wrong with Alabama….


Oh, the faces of a bride at a wedding shower.


Or is it just me?

DSC_7232 DSC_7214
We got an AWESOME trashcan (yes, trashcans can be awesome).


I always hate undoing Aunt Becky’s bows…they’re so pretty!


Mom gave us a set of our dishes.


Grandmama gave me an apron–that she wore at work long ago when she owned a store called the “Mustard Seed.”


Favorite recipe card – “You can be a good wife or mother without being a good cook…or cook at all. Just live near your mom.”


My wonderful cousins behind the scenes. Folding tissue paper, taking notes for a hilarious ending to the shower, and helping me with trash and moving gifts from room to room.


My aunts–who hosted the shower–gave me what they used as the centerpiece of the food table–a basket of kitchen utensils! They also collected recipe cards from everyone who attended (and a few from those who couldn’t make it) and put them into a fun recipe book. So special!


And then–Aunt Claire read a funny list of things I had said while opening gifts. You know when she said I would say those things. Yes, it was funny. Yes, it went there.


I believe someone– cough cough Liz–had the camera for the rest of the night–I found all kinds of random pictures.

DSC_7298 DSC_7314

A favorite from the evening!


I received a package of 101 cookie cutters. Where one finds that, I have no clue! But I love it! Hollee picked out the ones I should use when I make her cookies….and had someone take a picture of them. Now I have no excuse.


Coming soon (promise): the hilarity of another wedding shower.

Happy Weekend!

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