Fall, Lovely

I’m way behind in the whole “updating” area. We have been busy busy getting wedding things ready, spending time with family, traveling for work, and getting John’s house ready to store all my crap stuff. I’ve been going through my room and reminiscing on lots of college and high school memories–all going into tightly packed rubbermaids that will likely sit in a closet until we move. When they will then be stored somewhere else. I probably will take the bins out every-so-often, just to take a trip down memory lane. I sure hope so. Senior send off letters from every KD senior that wrote one from my freshman-senior year, letter shirts, tennis stuff, lots of trinkets and treasures. It all means something to me. I just HAVE to keep it. In a rubbermaid. Stored away. You know, just in case I need to pull it out and have a reminder of where I’ve been in life. One day when I have a home office I’ll put out my treasures and feminize the space. One day 🙂

In other news, our church had the usual pumpkin patch for the month of October. Tons and tons and tons of pumpkins (a full semi truck every week). Lots of youth working hard to earn mission trip money. Lots of volunteers spending their time at the patch. Our patch doesn’t exactly catch “fall weather” (our “fall” is like 85-90 degrees and green trees), but it’s the closest reminder we have of the goodness of fall–the colors, the smells, the excitement. I only worked once (sadly), but hope to work many many more hours next year. Here are a few pictures from the patch:


DSC_2243 DSC_2245 DSC_2246 DSC_2235DSC_2250DSC_2252

My dear friend (and MOH!!!) Danielle sent us a full of fall leaves, and in doing so made my entire month. Maybe two whole months. It was an awesome surprise, and very much appreciated. I love fall leaves. Tucked inside the leaves was a YUMMY smelling fall candle. I took it to work today and enjoyed the warm, wall armona. I also listened to Christmas music, but shhhh don’t tell anyone.


Lots of excitement in the air–John’s sister just had twins (all are A-OK and totally healthy, YAY!)! I’ll be enjoying the weekend with lots of family and friends. And wedding celebrations! I cannot wait to give hugs, sip a warm drink, and enjoy some cooler weather. If only I could figure out what I’m going to wear…grr. My fashion sense is zip, zilch.

Wedding updates will be next! The flowers have been ordered! Woo hoo! Getting down to the wire.

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