We’re Enagaged: Progress

We’re engaged. We’re getting married!! I’ve been gone every weekend (3) since we’ve been engaged. We’ve worked non stop. John has even traveled to speak. We’ve played non stop. Where has time gone!?!

It all has happened so fast, although to us it seems like it’s been engaged for years.

We’ve been engaged a three weeks and two days, and somehow (with much help) this is where we are at:

Date: Set. December 30, 2010. 6:30pm.

Bridal Party: They’re In

Ceremony: Church

Reception: Decided.

Numbers: Decided. A lot. A lot.

Food: Caterer contacted and met with–choices will be made in the next couple weeks (thanks, mom).

Registries: They’re done–although we keep tweaking. We [ok, it’s mostly just me] are indecisive—namely about silverware and the like—those big decisions, right?

Photographers: Booked and have scheduled engagement pictures

Hotel Rooms: 3 blocks of rooms reserved (thank you, mom!)

Bridal Luncheon: Location reserved (thank you, mom!)

Bridesmaids: Dresses chosen (er…if “they are choosing their own” means they are chosen?)

Groomal Party: Suits chosen (er…if “they are choosing their own” means they are chosen?)

Flowers: We know the color and one arrangement that will be made—the rest is still up in the air.

My dress: Made one dress shopping trip–two dress possibilities as of now. Maybe my mom’s. Maybe one Danielle found.

Something use/borrowed: Granny’s wedding dress (potential rehearsal dinner attire), Granny’s garter, Granny & Grandmama’s handkerchiefs they carried, and more.

Wedding Website: Almost ready to be broadcasted to the world. Guests will be able to RSVP online. How cool is THAT!?

Honeymoon: Booked. [Thank you, honey.] John can find the deals!

Rehearsal Dinner: We’re still deciding on location and numbers, but we have a good idea of what we want to do.

Hair & Makeup: I’m clueless—one of my sorority sisters is going to do it.

Reception Decorations: Uhhhhhhh—we have some ideas??

Ceremony Music: Soloist booked, pianist booked—we pretty much have the entire ceremony planned out music wise. John is the music man—he is making most of these decisions. He wrote my processional. He wrote it a long time ago as a wedding processional—little did he know he was writing it for OUR wedding. Yea, I’m kinda proud of that. And I love it.

Save The Dates & Invitations: We’ll be designing them. Save the dates will be sent out early July–our engagement photo session is next weekend!

We’ve even attended a “bridal show” at Macys. And I’ve purchased shoes I’ll be wearing to wedding festivities.

How has it all happened? We are so organized, thanks to the super-duper wedding planning BINDER my mom picked out at Barnes & Noble. It was the first wedding related purchase (don’t worry–the receipt is in the book!) –and we got a discount because I am a B&N member. Score! We love discounts! Happens to be the same exact binder my cousin has been using.  It’s been a lifesaver. I’ve, of course, added tabs and paper inserts.


This magazine. I love. Thanks Elizabeth! Our wedding will be a simple wedding. Just lots of people.


And these incredible little treasures Danielle, my awesome MOH and DYI wedding-on-a-budget extraordinaire, sent me. The images you see are not the actual images that are tabbed–they’re farther in on the page.


Cleary a lot has happened over the past three weeks. We make sure to take time to enjoy the big decisions. The registry—we made a date out of it. The honeymoon—we booked it together and celebrated! Photographers—we met them together and made a date night out of it (and made a lot of decisions on that date night—including opening up a new registry because we LOVED the store—and John found all kinds of grill stuff has to have will use).

We’ve had a blast. We love this whole “being engaged” thing. My dad bought us tervis tumblers (the only cups on our registries)—properly labeled “Bride” and “Groom.”  I drink out of mine—we haven’t yet used them together, but I’m sure we will soon. Mom had the idea of using them at wedding showers. How fun!

I volunteered at Vacation Bible Camp (since when is it not VBS?) as the photographer this week. I LOVED IT. It is so much fun! The kids are awesome and loved to cheese it up in front of the camera.

More details to come later…HAPPY WEEKEND!! Hope you find much joy, love, and relaxation this weekend!

I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! Enjoy this Father’s Day weekend celebrating and remembering the men that have meant so much to you.

3 thoughts on “We’re Enagaged: Progress

  1. So that Simply Weddings…yah, I see that magazine ALL the time and I always think to myself…as soon as I’m engaged I’m pretty sure that’s the first thing I’m going to buy. Hope you enjoy it! You’ll have to let me know if it will be worth buying..although either way I’m sure I’ll just buy it. 🙂

    So excited for you beautiful lady!


  2. That is the same wedding planner I have that my mom got me!! I love it and it is so helpful!! Too bad we aren’t closer together cause then we could help one another ( or actually your great organizing and planning skills would more so help me!) Love you so much! Congrats again!! AOT


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