This is currently what all my RAW image files look like in Aperture. Clearly I’m really happy about it. Looks like a trip to the Apple store will have to be made this weekend. It happened after I ran the latest update.


You know how I am about my pictures, but–I will not fret. I will not worry. In the words of a co-workers bumper sticker (genius, and I wanted it to be my photo of the day but I didn’t have time to take a picture in the parking lot--“WAG MORE, BARK LESS.” It’s genius if you ask me.

I’m not even sure why I watermarked this picture–guess it’s just a “for blog” habit. I didn’t even really have to do anything, but nonetheless, if you want to steal the image, be my guest. 🙂

Working on “more wag”. Working.

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