This kid turned 15 today (love the typical cards from the family?). Where has time gone? He drove me to church–well, he drove himself to church (I was in the car, don’t worry), as it was a “drop him off and then go home to study” run for me. I did take a picture of him with his learner’s permit, but that would, uh, give out too much detail. Not that you couldn’t look me up on google and find out most anything you wanted, but still.

DSC_9744 DSC_9748

Brian even came home via iChat to sing Happy Birthday. How nice of him.


I have made an appointment for the Apple store to attempt to fix my Aperture issue. I have resorted to taking photos in jpeg, but have yet to change any of my camera settings to make up for the subtle difference. Who knows if I will. I love that nice, awful yellow light in the kitchen. Beautiful, I tell you. Ha.

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