Spice up your life.

Currently working on the following, in more ways than one. Strategy is a good “pondering” word. Strategy sometimes is a way of making someone feel secure–as in, I have a plan so all will be A-OK as long as I have a plan. I kind of see it just as a way to make the process easier. Not in all cases–but if we tried to come up with a strategy that we think is going to last for a lifetime (I’m not talking about marketing here) and actually didn’t spend time deviating from “the plan” (you know, that plan), I have a feeling life would be quite boring. In fact, I know it would. I tend to do things differently. Or see things differently. haha. Story of my life.


This my dog. A horrible picture of my dog. He was begging for my ice cream and thus got a flash in his face. It didn’t matter, though.


This is what happened at work today. Notice the candy cane strip. Yea, Christmas Decorations. Festive.


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