My best friends Wedding [Prep]

Well, photog queen herself (me) didn’t quite take as many pictures I normally do. That’s what the professional photographer was for. Dang she is is good, too. I’d rather let her have the honors 🙂 So, I’ll post a link when she gets the pics up, but you can check our her blog now if you’d like. Her kids are PRECIOUS.

We left Durham Monday afternoon, after running errands at Duke with Ryan and eating at Elmo’s Diner, one of their favorite restaurants in Durham. It was yummy. We packed the car and began our trek.

The bride, in her beautiful glory. This wasn’t the real veil, no worries.


Wasn’t she a cute kid?

She’s addicted. Diet Mountain Dew got us through the week.

We took the long way from Durham to Columbus just so we could enjoy the mountains.  That’s how we are. Why not? Life is short.


We even stopped for dinner at the Dillard House.  Google it. Phenomenal.  Beautiful. Way too much food.



We arrived in Columbus around midnight Monday night.  Stayed up chatting with Mom MacM. Gave her our leftover food.  Sat in the newly-furnished room (the MacMs have a bottomless storage unit that never seems to be emnpty.  After furnishing Danielle & Ryan’s house and a new house of their own, they found two beds, three dressers, and a nightstand to re-do a bedroom in their house for Danielle and I.  all out of storage). Finally went to bed. Got up early Tuesday morning and drove to Ellaville, GA to Grandma’s for breakfast with Grandma and Mr. T. Yum. Country breakfast at it’s finest.  The real reason to go was to pick up ferns. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of ferns.  We even left a bunch there. Sweet Grandma. Gotta love her.  Then we drove back to Columbus, ran some errands (too many to remember exactly what we did–it’s all written in the book-o-lists somewhere).  Then we drove to LaGrange to pick up THE dress from the dress shop at 3:00 (maybe?) and be ready for bridal portraits by 4:30. Shoot. Score. Skye came and did Danielle’s hair and make-up.  I am NO good for those duties.



This picture is from my phone. Just a teaser from the shoot. Yes, she wore those shoes in her wedding.


We then drove back to Columbus, met Mom and Rich for dinner, made some more lists, and, after going through all of Danielle’s baby photos, went to bed. Wednesday morning we got up and ran some errands with Mom MacM. Wal Mart. two or three times. Michaels. SAMS (yes we had hot dogs. oh, that wedding diet…that didn’t exist). Not in that order but we went a TON of places to get last minute stuff and purchase groceries for the bachelorette pad in Pine Mtn.

Danielle and I packed the car (it looked like we were MOVING to Pine Mtn) and met Skye at the cabin in Pine Mtn (FDR State park. Google it) around 4.  We went to the grocery store and stocked up on all our cold stuff. Way overpriced milk, cheese, etc. But it was cute. and we supported the local scene.


Then we stopped by a local BBQ favorite for some yummy goodness.



Took the food to the cabin.  Ate a lovely dinner on paper and plastic. Cause we didn’t want to do dishes.  Then Amy showed up and we began to work. On reception favors (trail mix Danielle made), programs (folded, hole punched, embossed, tied….forever), and I worked on the slideshows for the rehearsal dinner & reception.


Thursday…there aren’t any pictures of the day-time.  We decorated the chapel in LaGrange and ran some more errands, made some more lists, etc. The Sniders arrived in LC  so Danielle and Ryan went to get their marriage license.  Then, Thursday night we had the lingerie shower of all lingerie showers.  Thanks to Allison, Ryan’s sister, Danielle received this lovely night-gown, which I’m sure she will sport ALL THE TIME.  This is the only picture you are allowed to see.


There’s the happy bride on rehearsal day 🙂


All the girls went and got our nails done.  Yes, we watched that crazy YouTube video afterwards of the comedian who does Bon Qui Qui. If that’s even how you spell it.  Thanks Robin for treating us to a lovely mani/pedi.  You’re awesome!

After nails we stopped by CVS and picked up some makeup (Danielle and I have no clue what to buy), then headed to Skye’s house in Valley, AL, where she and her mom hosted the bridal party for a bridal luncheon.  SO SO SO FUN! and nice! and relaxing! and YUMMY!!!! The pictures speak for themselves.  Spa de Skye. 🙂









After spa afternoon, we went back to the cabin, got ready for the rehearsal, went to the rehearsal, went to the rehearsal dinner, ran some errands, ran some more errands, made some more lists, THREW AWAY A BUNCH OF LISTS!

Then, finally, Saturday—WEDDING DAY!!!

We had brunch at the Crack. Barrel. Relaxed at Katie’s. She got ready……

DSC_6614We went to the dress, got her dress on her, she and Ryan had her first look, then spent the next 20934803948 hours taking pictures.  What troopers.

This is from my phone, so it’s really bad, but it’s a sneak peek of the dress and Lindsey’s awesome goodness that will come.


She was, of course, beautiful, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of their big day.

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