Durham Wedding

So, last Friday night I flew into Durham. Danielle met me at the airport and I spent Friday night at ther house. Saturday morning, we got up at 7am (ugh!) and drove 1.5hrs to some small town for the Silvola Wedding. Dear friends from Palm Coast. Saw TONS of family friends we hadn’t seen in ages. Was so fun.
Oh, the reception was at Pinehurst. Yes, the Pinehurst. If I have to tell you what Pinehurst is, don’t ask. Just look it up.

Probably the first family picture of the year:

Gammy! This woman is truly incredible. and is a queen. and can dance and sing and she’s near 90s.


Price & Danielle danced. It  was a special moment.

Dad & Mr. Ward posed with a waiter.

Mom & I posed for a picture we’ll cherish forever.  That’s Gammy and Papa.  Papa always has called me Ms. Florida.  He’s so sweet. and was in the diplomatic service and they lived all over the world.  


Love them!

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