Big Week

This “little kid” started high school.

This “little kid” moved back to college.

And I start grad school at midnight tonight.
No picture for that.
Woo hoo!

Price and I are currently in DeLand (where I was born) to visit my godparents. Uncle Bob’s bday is next week and we have some other fun things to do (pictures!), so we drove up here after work and will be here until early Sunday morning, when we’ll drive back home because I’m teaching Sunday school. That was a long sentence. Whatever.

We are going to breakfast here. YUM!!! So excited.

Also, I miss these girls, who are in LaGrange beginning recruitment and first week preparations this weekend. I don’t really miss the recruitment process (yuck), but I do miss the fun and excitement that this weekend always brings in the lives of those “moving back to the hill!” Life goes on, right? I miss it (most of it), but I’m really really glad I am where I am at the place in my life I’m at. And thankful that I come from a place that I can truly miss.

Oh, the little things in life.

Jess, make me some cookies! 🙂
Cresta, hurry up and move to my house!

So thankful,

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