wet pants

no I did not wet my pants.
I was at lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with a woman from the college advancement office talking about senior stuff and planning class reunions, etc (all the while I’m in denial that I’m graduating). It’ll be a fun thing to be a part of.

ANYWAY, the waitress spilled a few glasses of strawberry lemonade ALL over the table, and it all managed to just soak me. My pants. My purse (good thing I have a real purse now that is cleanable). My shoes (which are really cheap and from target and were really my main worry. but they’re ok). And all that was in the first 5 minutes we were there. I now smell like the latest brand of strawberry lemonade perfume. Really, you should try it. Or not.

BUT. I felt bad for the lady. We could have been really nasty people that just up and left. But we ate. and talked. about a lot of neat things.

Then I came home. Still soaking wet. 🙂

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