For a lot of reasons:

-Danielle IS coming this weekend. FOR SURE.
-My tennis match that was scheduled for Sunday (we just started practice Tuesday) has been RESCHEDULED.
-John comes to Atlanta Tuesday. which means I get to see him, atlanta, and PINK PANTHER 2!!!!!
-tomorrow I get to babysit and hang out with the boys, whom I’ve missed a lot.
-just had free dinner at church. although it was lasagna, which is what I’ve eaten the past two nights. I made a pan Monday. With my own hands. No store bought stuff.
-My mom and I had the SAME thing for breakfast today. See, I told you. Oatmeal and blueberries. and Bri came over for breakfast. Super awesome. We’re going to start having breakfast together when we can!
-Grandmama sent me RICE KRISPIE TREATS!
-Free lunch via LaGrange College TOMORROW. somewhere in town.
-TOMORROW IT WILL BE WARMER. It’s been darn darn cold the past few days. I cannot handle this.

Basically it’s been a really good day. I want to get some tutoring hours tonight but it’s WAY too cold to walk to the library. Wind chill is 16degrees. That’s ridiculous. And it’s really windy. And yes I had tennis practice today. Let’s not talk about it.
If words are spelled wrong it’s probably because I’m still getting feeling back in my fingers.

4 thoughts on “YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  1. So, uh, well…it looks like Pink Panther gets top billing in the excited about Tuesday department. I mean, me too of course…but I’m just sayin’.


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