Friday [edited]

Oh, Fridays are lovely. I’m currently in the new amazing, incredible, beautiful, ridiculously nice library. I’m in a little study room by myself. Clearly I’m getting a lot of studying and school work done. HA. Not. Having a computer in this little room is too convenient.

Two lovely ladies joined me for breakfast this morning. 🙂 I hope this becomes a regular thing. I love breakfast–and I think having breakfast with friends is a good way to start the day. Thanks, ladies, for joining me…and I won’t ever force you to eat the leftover frozen waffles..haha.

DANIELLE IS ON HER WAY HERE! She has a long drive–poor thing–but she’ll end up HERE which makes it OK. haha. At least in my mind. Tonight we’ll see her parental units and spend the weekend doing girly wedding things.

Well, since I did laundry yesterday (due to the major spillage that occured), I must admit that I am wearing the same exact outfit today that I wore to lunch yesterday. It was clean. easy. I didn’t even have to think about it. Nice. I hate picking out clothes. I really wish there was some sort of automated machine that just did it for me.

On another note, both my credit card and my debit card have been compromised in a fraud ring. Joy.

I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend. I’m sure mine will be photographed in great detail and to great lengths. Some I will be able to post. Some I will not. Expect a super-fun update soon!

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