public apology

text message convo with my mom:

mom: oh no you did not put raisin bran on ur blog!
me: oh yes I did [uh, why not?]
mom: uuuggghhh!
me: what??? I love raisin bran! What’s wrong with it?
mom: makes me sound constipated & old!
me: whhhhatever.
mom: geez

dearest mother,
sorry for stating that you eat raisin bran. twice now. no one thinks you’re old and constipated. but the texting entertainment was worth it.
your dearest daughter.

4 thoughts on “public apology

  1. Raisins means one still has one’s own teeth and thus cannot be too old.Brain as regular intake is a clear indication that one is absolutely NOT constipated.Again, just sayin’.


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