Our Wedding – The First Look

I was dressed – I was waiting [semi] patiently in the narthex of the fellowship hall to walk outside for our first look. I had been looking forward to this moment for a long, long time. Ever since I first learned what a first look is – I’ve known it’s the route I wanted to take on my wedding day.  So, after some waiting and a few tears (I’m a crier), the moment(s) finally arrived. John and I both agree that our decision to do a first look (let’s be honest – it didn’t take much begging on my part) was the.best.wedding.related.decision.we.made. Those moments between us were so so so special. It really helped me to relax a LOT, and we both believe it’s the reason why we remember every single part of the ceremony, which is majorly important to us. So, yes, we spoiled “the look” of John at the end of the aisle seeing my dress for the first time (we both cried at the first look) and made quite a few other people quite unhappy, but we are both so so so so so thankful that we chose to do a first look. We were both had majorly huge smiles when I walked down the aisle, and I personally think that is quite enough of a view at the beginning of the ceremony. My crying, even before John saw me, meant my scheduled bridal portraits are all with puffy eyes and I just wanted to get them over with and get on to when I could see John, but that’s ok – it was part of the emotion of the day.

So, here are a LOT of pictures of moments we will always hold near and dear to our hearts. A sweet, sweet, happy moment. Emotional for the both of us (we’re both criers), plus John loved the dress. Cha-ching!

All photos by www.thebigdayblog.com


One thought on “Our Wedding – The First Look

  1. These are so great!!! We did the “first look” too, and I totally agree with you! That’s the way to go! I hope you all are doing well!


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