My cousin is MARRIED

There are 9 grandchildren on my dad’s side of the family. We are all so close–we’re like siblings, except for that we haven’t ever lived together–with the exception of a week every summer with Grandmama and Grandaddy. Needless to say, Elizabeth getting married was huge. She was the first. Now, you must understand–we think being part of our family is a sacred thing. Seriously. We are that family You don’t just “get in.”  We welcomed Scott with open arms (and some embarrassment) at their Rehearsal dinner and proclaimed him a Grandmama Sara’s Summer Camp camper, which basically means “you’re in.” He was so excited to become one of “us” (the crazy Foshee grandchildren who wear shirts that each have a letter so together–we spell out something[s] AND we sing loudly at any given moment in any given circumstance), I’m sure.

Here are a few shots of the weekend. Bridesmaids luncheon and day of wedding. SO MUCH FUN. Congrats, Elizabeth and Scott! I love you both dearly and cannot wait to see where the wonderful journey of life takes you!


Excited, eh?
Goin to the chapel…


The proud grandparents!



This is Elizabeth. Fully Elizabeth.



A weekend full of laughter and family–AWESOME!


Grandmama is a member of the Garden Circle. Can you tell?


Fun times were had by all.


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