The Rivvvvuh

Leaving one place.


Arriving. Home.


Always full of people and celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, life in general, “the neighbors are at the lake tonight”–we make reasons to have celebrations


Lots of popsicle lickin’ and lame-joke tellin’


Bubbles floating about in the summer sun.


A rail full of bathing suits, hats, towels, and other items soaked in lake water. Sign of a day full of fun in the lake.


A falling summer watermelon flag. Held up by thumbtacks–the only thumbtacks in the house, so it’s going to hang just as it is. We are fancy people. Can you tell by the house numbers? They’ve hung like that for as long as I can remember.


A true celebration of America–and a little bit of cool weather wishin’–or something.


Splashes from rope swings into the Blue Hole at the state park.


Sunflowers from a best friend. And a visit!


Eating watermelon by the water–spitting seeds and rubbing the rinds in hair.

Watching the local “riverplane” fly/float by

Waverunning, skiing, wake skating, wakeboarding, tubing, and spoting.

The dog begging someone to come to the lake and take him for a ride on the waverunner.


Sunsets that take your breath away.

A place full of  “little”  things. Little things that matter and amount to really big things.

Where we (among other things) sit on the couch that belonged to my grandparents when they got married over 50 years ago, sit in a (recovered) recliner chair from my great grandaddy’s house (which is sometimes operated by a wrench rather than a broken pull handle), fill the walls with pictures and more pictures of family memories, sleep in the cabin that my great grandfather built over 70 years ago, and swing in the swing on the porch that has hosted many friends and family members for sunsets, lake watching, hummingbird watching, and relaxing.

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