It’s Friday

I am getting my hair trimmed.

We have a new puzzle. Two, acutally.

The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous.

Perhaps a walk on the beach will be necessary. and/or a movie. Or a few of both.

Looking forward to doing…nothing (well, we will be doing some things–but nothing scheduled).

Sound like the perfect weekend? Yesssss.

Maybe I’ll break out my sewing machine and whip up something cool. Maybe I’ll run farther than I’ve run yet….maybe. When a portable A/C unit becomes the size of something you can run with.

But first, I am getting my hair trimmed. Sometimes I want to get a buzz cut. I won’t, but really, for my no-fashion-sennse/don’t really care what I look like self, doing my hair is not my favorite thing in the world.

So, looking forward to the weekend. Maybe I’ll search some cook books and come up something lovely for dinner…..Suggestions?

We launched our new website at work this week. This is huge. A year in the works. Today I made edits to the site. By myself. Using an FTP client. That I figured out myeslf. Without messing the entire thing up. WOO!

Maybe this weekend I’ll blog about something really exciting….

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

Living and loving,

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