I’ve been MIA. Me and this computer needed a break. Seriously.I apologize for the lack of posting my picture-of-the-day (for, isn’t that the point?). I didn’t take one Wednesday, but took two Tuesday so I’ll use the second as Wednesday’s. I shot one on Thursday and plenty on Friday. Keeping up with things clearly isn’t my forte.’ I shall work on it. But, a computer break is much needed every once in a while. After being on a computer ALL day at work, I’ve been trying to find other ways to occupy my time than spend hours on the computer (not that hours contribute to this blog, by any means…I am an AVID photography blog follower and often get lost in the beauty and wonder of photographs for hours on end). A huge wedding and portrait photography conference just got over, so I had been spending TONS of time reading about it. I love photography and I desperately want to learn how to use my camera to its full capacity (I’ve decided to to that before I buy a bigger/better camera).  I’ve been reading. Writing. Talking. Thinking. Sleeping. Doing. Enjoying the beautifullllllllllllllllllllll weather (I love that it’s lighter longer).

Wednesday (or, er, Tuesday #2)
This hangs from the shelves above my desk. A coworker sent it to me one day last year.




I’ll post Friday later, as I’m having issues with Flikr.  Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

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