Played some tennis this week for the first time in…this is embarrassing to say..10 MONTHS. It’s funny, on most all tennis courts there is a sign. A sign of rules. About how only certain people can access the courts and there are so many things not allowed on the courts, about the time limit for all the people waiting (we were the only people on 4 courts both times we played), etc. I’ve always noticed that but never paid attention to the sign (tis true), generally because the courts belonged to my organization, school, and or/coach, and tennis rules pretty much never change.

Got some lock photos for the first time in a while. They’re nothing great (pretty normal locks).

I think a lot of our trees  think it’s fall due to the recent out-of-the-ordinary cool weather  we’ve had. We have a lot of bare trees and some with just a few leaves. It’s been funny–the leaves have been changing colors and falling off.  Guess that’s what happens in South FL. They’re pretty, though. I also love the huge trees in John’s neighborhood. So Georgia-ish. Not typical of FL neighborhoods to have huge, old trees (palm trees are EVERYWHERE).

Was a fun Friday afternoon.

[There are clickable thumbnails below the large image]

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