I just added something at the end. It’s funny.

This image courtesy of Rold Gold, not me. I will explain at the end.

I have a corporate finance midterm Friday. @ 7pm. Yes, you read that correctly. I may have already shared this.

This miderm is one of two tests=the only grades in the class. You fellow grad schoolers will feel me here.We may get an extra half a point if we do all the homework. Gee, thanks.

It’s awfully intimidating. Pretty scary, actually.

Let me just get out some fears, here. Maybe it’ll help. FINANCE. Online.

My undergrad degree is in psychology and sociology. Not finance.

Online classes=no in class time. meaning I can’t ask my usual 890887 questions because it’s really awkward to do over email. And I don’t even know if my professor is male or female (due to a very interesting name). The syllabus email we got: read the syllabus. If you have questions, ask. If the answer is on the syllabus, don’t ask. Gee, thanks buddy. Too bad there were ERRORS in your syllabus. I know we’re not all perfect, but the exam dates were from a different semester.

Online finance class=I teach myself EVERYTHING via the homework. Which, thankfully, the professors provide the answers to. Sound easy? Again, you fellow grad schoolers will feel me here. NOT.Good thing I’m doing it–that half a point will really help. Yeah.

There is something called a finance calculator. It has a lot of weird buttons. No where in this book does it tell me how to use it. I am supposed to use it on the test, so I am trying to figure it out myself. It’s not going well.

So, in studying, I get really frustrated. And end up looking at photo blogs. and eating. If you see me and I look a little puffy it’s probably because I’ve been cooped up studying. Eating is a distraction helps me concentrate. Yea, that’s it.

Currently it is 11:28 and I have a good two hours left of studying, probably. If I make it. Then it’s up at 6:30am, work at 8am, home at 5pm, a quick dinner at church, and the same ‘ol thing all over again.

That’s pretty much my life during the week. Occasionally I take a break and do nothing for an evening. Generally this involves looking at photo blogs.

My mom had enchiladas ready when I got home from work. John and I took to-gos to his house and had a yummy dinner. He on his computer studying. Me on mine studying and in a group for a business plan competition I’m in. It was really romantic. He finished. I did not. Typical. He’s good. I’m….distracted by photo blogs and food (he had red velvet ice cream…) and other things.  All kidding aside, I actually got a good bit done.  Back to the enchiladas. They were good. Really good. Thanks mom, for making dinner and not minding when I asked if we could take it and run. You are so gracious. I love you. It was delicious. I know I got home a few hours ago and went straight into my room where I still stay in hiding. I’m sorry for spending so much time in my room when I’m home. My bed probably has a permanent hole because that’s where I study and do homework. I sit at a desk all day at work–I don’t really want to sit at a desk all night and do homework. [and I don’t mean to sound depressing there–it’s just what happens!!]

So, here I sit. Reading about financial planning models and thankful that there are quite a few people in my life that are knowledgeable in the finance area. Me, it’s a struggle. I struggle to find relevancy. I don’t like to crunch numbers. I like to dream and create and connect. I know finance is a part of marketing–and I’m pretty sure it’s my least favorite part.

I’d rather be spending 5hrs every night doing other things (sleeping being one), but this is all part of the process. Doing things you don’t like. It’s a struggle, though. Do I continue with these classes that I have to take in order to get to the meat of my program–these classes that I struggle to find relevancy in? I mean, corporate finance doesn’t really make me happy, and I really strive to be happy. I like to dream and create and connect. It’s all Marketing. I don’t like the Marketing education. It’s rather boring at this point.

Thus, I’m taking the summer off. To maybe sew or take some photos (other than images in my house after dark in that awesome light you’ve seen the past couple days).Thus why the image above is from Rold Gold and not me. If I took a picture of the bag, it’d have an awesome green tint and I don’t feel like dealing with that right now.

Regarding the pretzels, they’re my favorite pretzels. They’re my mom’s, too. 🙂 That’s cool. I like them with PB but that would mean I couldn’t just reach into the bag in mid page/calculator tutorial/homework problem review/questioning the relevancy of what I’m reading.

Simple is good. Simple is joy. I am happy.

Here’s to a simple, joy-filled life.

That doesn’t involve finance, preferably.

Be simple. Find joy.

Wag more. Bark less.

Does anyone get that, by the way?

I am a total spout of randomness. Bless you if you’re still reading this.

Check out Danielle‘s page if you want to know what I did for lunch today. Yea, it was pretty much awesome.

Oh, and a funny story. This morning I managed to sneeze–with water in my mouth–all over my desk. It was a quality move. Like, had to turn my keyboard over and watch the water drain into the trash can.
A little bit later I went to the bathroom to fix my contact. Well, as I leaned over to the mirror my arm swiped under the automatic soap dispenser. And it didn’t exactly stop. So, there I was. Wet pans from the sneeze spew and foam soap all over my shirt.
Needless to say, it was quite the entertaining morning.

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