It’s no fun taking pictures when it’s dark outside. I don’t really like flashes. I like natural light.

I did have a scrumptous salad for dinner featuring all my favorite leftovers (steak, cranberry sauce, cole slaw) and STRAWBERRIES.

Also, I really like Feta cheese. and Poppyseed dressing. Together. Yum.

So, there’s what I had for dinner tonight. I’m currently studying procrastinating and about to pop some popcorn! YUM!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday!

P.S. After 3 hours at the Apple store (total) and an hour on the phone, Aperture still isn’t fixed. I have some different things to try, but won’t have time to free up my computer for 3 hours until this weekend. Woo. Here’s to hoping it gets fixed!!!

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