Friday, February 26th

I missed a day–I have no excuses!  I took two pictures on my phone and planned on using them for my pictures of the day….but then couldn’t get my phone hooked up to my computer and just gave up. Then forgot about it.  Well, I got it working this morning (they’re down below). After iTunes told me that my phone needed updating. Haven’t done so in…months. Woops. Oh well, at least it still works.

I had my appointment at the Apple store last night (Friday, the day I forgot about this blog). No one in the store at the time of my appointment had any knowledge of Aperture. Awesome. So, I wrote a book about what was going on and jotted down my info. Someone is supposed to call me today. I did buy a new battery, though, so I don’t have to continuously have my computer plugged in. The battery had served it’s time.  That 100% on the battery bar (rather than 10mins–you’re in the red–that it showed all the time) is mighty nice!

My grandparents are in town. Tonight is Price’s birthday. Next week is my corporate finance midterm. Looking forward to that…not. I should probably go buy a financial calculator today. That would probably help. I’ve been avoiding it thus far this semester, thus have a LOT of catching up to do this week.

This is my brother. Driving. Wearing my sunglasses. With me in the front seat. Oh me, oh my.
[do not be confused by his sweatshirt and beanie-hat. it is not cold here.]


I love these shoes. I love that I can wear Chucks to work on Fridays. It fits my personality much better than heels and patent leather flats. Nice scuff marks, eh?


Have a Happy Saturday. The Apple store just called me. While my phone was updating. Therefore my phone spazzed out, turned off, and stopped the sync. So, I hope I’ll still have some numbers on my phone when it gets itself back together. Technology loves me.

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