Frustration & Peace

Hi friends! Today’s picture is another picture starring the majestical light of my bedroom (can you tell that my walls are painted green and it was taken just a few minutes ago–therefore it’s DARK inside and out). Lover-ly. Anywho, I figured it’d be OK. Really because I don’t have time to mess with the photos much and didn’t really want to reset my camera settings–Ican’t really do much anyway due to my recent Aperture disaster. And, plus, it’s a Church. You point me to a perfect church and I’ll take a perfect picture. Thank you.

It’s not just any church–it’s the chapel at my church. Our church. The church across the street. [How’s that for some dramatic effect?] This, here, is a paintigf of the Trinity UMC Chapel in all its glory. One of the most peaceful places in all of Palm Beach Gardens, I’m sure.

My dad’s office is the first window way on the left hand side (can barely see it).  I spent, oh, 3 hours in there tonight taping a video for an online presentation. Online presentation–sounds easy, right? WRONG. It took me 3 hours to get a solid 5 minutes of video. It was the most frustrating experience I’ve had in a while. I missed my brother’s bday dinner. Files were corrupted, I couldn’t talk right, etc etc etc. Thank you for letting me complain a lot just then. I should have taken a picture of my set-up–I had my computer (so I could see my PowerPoint slides) and John’s computer (because ecollege–or my professor can’t take quicktime files) sitting on top of a huge bible, a huge Dictionary, a trumpet case, and an upside down desk file holder. Was awesome. Towards the end I finally just had to call John and have him talk through the final part with me so that I could figure it out. Nice way to spend a little bit of time few hours. It’s over and done with now. Everyone in my group successfully submitted correct and complete files to me and our presentation is turned in. After the online meeting we had scheduled failed and didn’t work AT ALL.  Now it’s on to my corporate finance midterm. And my grandaprents hare here. First I’d really like to spend some time with muh man. I don’t think I’m going to do homework tomorrow. Or all summer.  Have I mentioned I thinking about taking a full load ZERO classes this summer?

Now, onto peaceful easy feelings. Prayers. and Sleep. Praise be to God for a beautiful day. Onto tomorrow. Friday=jeans at work. YES.


Wag more. Bark less. I told you, I’m trying.

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