Anyone Home?

It’s been a while…I know!

A lot has happened since I last posted. Sorta.

My Nook arrived.
I turned a year older.
Danielle visited.
I finished reading a book (on my Nook) that I realized I had already read and had on my shelf (woops–it was still good–I have the memory of a stick).
I framed a print I bought way back at college graduation.
I took tennis award nonsense off my walls and bought picture frames to begin framing some of my photography.
I bought 50 prints for 50cents and got 75 prints free.
I made a free hardcover photo book from
John and I purchased plane tickets to CO (a graduation present trip–we’re going hot-air ballooning).
I taught Sunday School.
I had cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory.
I traveled to Hollywood, FL with Danielle (we like adventure).
I did not take one picture while Danielle was here (SHAME on me).
I had a crabcake sandwich at dinner with Stu Gulley (from my LaGrange days).
I started online traffic school (I got a ticket back in the fall).
I received a NICE watch (no more $10.99 sporty watches from WalMart) from my man, exchanged it for one that fit me properly (I have tiny wrists, so the bracelet style he picked out wasn’t the best fitting), and had it sized to fit my wrist (I LOVE it–but wish the one he had originally picked out could have worked out because I loved it even more than I love the one that I ended up getting).
I worked.
My classes started.
I rented textbooks for the semester (trying something new here people).
I purchased many e-books that I cannot wait to read.
I landed an awesome Disney Deal and can’t wait to take advantage of it.
I stayed up until 3am H.S. style.
I spent a weekend with my bestest friend and wish we could hang out every weekend.

I’m pretty sure just about all of those things started with “I.” ¬†That’s terrible.

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