So. My ticket for the hot air balloon ride is missing. It’s in my room–somewhere–I remember putting it “somewhere so I  wouldn’t lose it and wouldn’t end up throwing it away mistakingly.” HA! That worked. So, I confessed to John that this pricey ticket has gone missing. His response, after assuring me we’d find it or be able to figure it out with the company, was something to the effect of:

“Our head landscaper at work is from Haiti. His mother and grandmother both live in Haiti. He hasn’t been able to reach either of them since the earthquake and has no idea whether they are dead or alive. I don’t believe we should be fretting over not being able to find a hot-air-balloon-ride ticket.”

Wow. My priorities are now straight.

Praying for a hurting country and their families and for the Haitian congregation at my church. Such beautiful, beautiful spirited people–most of whom are experiencing the same emotions John’s landscaper is experiencing. I cannot even imagine.

Bless you all.

With joy and humility (humbly),

lighthouse (2)

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