Gratitude TUESDAY

My bff4l (yes I just said that) does this neat thing on her blog called “Gratitude Mondays,” which I believe is something many many bloggers participate in (which is a neat idea in-and-of itself). I’ve waited to start participating via a journal (I am a fairly private person, so all will not make the blog), but have been asked by the bff4l to wait to start a journal..hmm. haha. Get the picture? So, I’ve made lists in my head. Well, I missed gratitude Monday (partly because I fell asleep oh-so-early, which I am oh-so-grateful for). So, here’s my gratitude Tuesday list. Things I am grateful for. Now. Then. Always. Randomly. Parts of my day, people in my life, etc.  Things/people/places that make me happy. Things I appreciate. Things I’m thinking about. Random list  This list can be whatever I want it to be, I’ve realized.

-fluffy pillows
-pineapple cookies (MY MOM MAKES THE BEST)
-the feet that are sitting on the arm of the couch next to me, and the person that walks on these feet.
-small white Christmas lights
-co-workers who smile and laugh and make my day brighter
-the kindness of a stranger I met today at the random drug screening office
-the ability to serve clients. good customer service is so so so so so important. I love being a part of a client’s communication with HTL.
-the humor of a kind friend.
-pancakes.  John’s making me pancakes tonight. I love pancakes.
-a cool breeze. a little whiff of winter.
-wrapping paper. there’s a lot to that.
-anticipating. danielle will be here sooooooooooo soon.
-text messaging. I am so so thankful for text messaging. Materialistic? maybe. probably. but it really is wonderful.
-John’s neighbors. They are such sweet sweet sweet people and have an awesome story.

There are a lot more to add to this list, but there is my random start.  Take it how you will.

Happy Winter from 75degree FL. Where you will not see the following.


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