Bada Bing, Bada Bang

The title of this post is completely (well, maybe not entirely) irrelevant to what the post actually says. In case you were wondering.


According to the good ‘ol Apple+Spacebar action:

abundant |əˈbəndənt|adjectiveexisting or available in large quantities; plentiful : there was abundantevidence to support the theory. See note at prevalent .[ predic. ] ( abundant in) having plenty of something : theriverbanks were abundant in wild plants.ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin abundant‘abounding,’ from the verb abundare (see abound ).

I have a thing about words. I really love words. Abundant is a favorite. [And not just because I just sent Danielle a message in which I used the word abundant in relation to sangria..but nevermind that.] Joy is another favorite (if you couldn’t tell by the name of my blog).  Anyway, I tell you this because I am working on a total blog re-do. The top portion will be centered around words. The words “abundant” and “joy” will be central to the theme. Those are the only hints you’re getting. I kinda want to begin the workings of an “image”– some day I plan on having a photography business of some sorts (it will never be a full time thing, but all that is another story) and have been dreaming up ideas for whenever I reach that stage in my life (really “branding” is the right word for all of this but that word reminds me of meat).

In other news, finals are over. I still am on the “only get 6 hours of sleep a night” worker-bee/student schedule, but I’m hoping I will be able to get a break from that soon. Working M-Th this week and then it’s off to Disney to celebrate the end of a semester and around-about a year with John. Time flies when yer (that was for John) having fun. We’re going for the Candlelight Processional, one of my absolute favorite memories of Disney from my growing-up days and one of the best ways to get in the spirit of Christmas.  Whoppi Goldberg will be reading the Story. I’m so excited. I’ll get to see at least one friend from my elementary school days and we’ll get to see John’s sister(s) (maybe both!?) and their families, and…get ready for this… we  will also be going to a WWE Smackdown. HAHAHA. Yes, you read that right. That’s another story for another time that I really can’t share much about, but, regardless, we’ll be there. What an interesting experience that’ll be. I mean, who doesn’t want to get the chance to yell “HIT HIM IN THE FACE!” or “SMASH HIM WITH A CHAIR!”? Isn’t that a dream of yours!? Just checking. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories for this here blog.

I have a lot more to say, but rather than fitting it all into a 5-mile-long post, I’ll be sharing a few over the next few days. I promise. I have a bit more free time these days.

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful Monday.

In Gratitude and Hope,


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