Heaven. On a Plate

I’m totally procrastinating. I had this last night. And I might get another piece tonight.  A portion of it’s proceeds go to a charity (a whole 25 cents a piece, which I think is pretty cheap), so it’s ok, right?

Oh. My. Gosh


John and I also saw this move, which, to my surprise, I really really liked.  It was pretty disturbing, but brilliantly so.  Brad Pitt brought the laughs.  It’s long, it’s pretty gory and very very emotional, but it’s a really good movie.

My grandparents are on a month long road trip to a lot of places.  They sent pictures almost everyday.  Today was Grandaddy’s turn.  A portion of his email went like this:

we rode the cat today and arrived in Nova Scotia. raining wind blowing cold. the cat rocked in those 15ft waves had a good time, lots of people helped the old people walking. your mother went for lunch and the lady brought her back in a wheel chair,, It’s great to  get old..

All that was his.  The non-capitalized words and awesome punctuation and all.  They are whale watching.

Happy Sunday.  I’m doing HOMEWORK and about to take a test.  Well..and blogging

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