What a week

Still no Internet at my house. I’ve called Comcastlots of times. John has even called for me because I’ve gotten so frustrated. Blah. So. No picures unless I can get a blog together later and upload it while I’m at work. I’m thinking I’m just going to bed though.

Today started a manager’s meeting/conference with all the managers from all our offices. So some guys flew in today. We all went to dinner. Tomorrow we meet all day (and I Mean alllll day) then go to dinner afterwards. Friday morning we meet for breakfast and wil meet for most of the morning afterwards.

I fly out Friday night to Durham. Probably will be going straight from work but maybe I’ll get to leave early. I’m packing tomorrow night and still have mail to send and stuff to get done before I leave so who knows when it all will be done. I might be up all night Thursday 🙂 woo hoo.

Then Pat’s wedding on Saturday. I am meeting my family there. Haven’t seen them in three weeks. They’ve been on vacation the whole time and I definitely missed being in Cordele with them. After that wedding I go back to Danielles and prepare for her week-before-her-wedding festivities! I cannot wait to see her!!!

Blogging via phone is not the most fun I’ve ever had, but I’m thankful for the luxury.

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