Wedding Jitters

My BFF Danielle is getting in married in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

And I will see her Friday. The new future-Snider family abode for the first time. and work on lots of wedding stuff.

and have fun. and enjoy each other for a WEEK before she gets hitched and I’ll probably never get a week with her just ever again ;).

I’ve done a lot of fun shopping. Bought a lot of things I wish I could keep for myself some day (they’re so darn CUTE), but I’m so happy to give them to her.

My family is still chilling in Cordele.  I have a long work week ahead.  Managers conference Weds-Fri and fly out Friday (straight from work…woo!).

I did some social things this weekend-went shopping with a friend from work, went to a Red, White, and Brew party last night, and went with Melisa to the RumBar for a little bit tonight for her friends birthday.  It’s a neat place.  Sand.  On the water. Palm Trees.  Adorondak chairs.  Firepits. Lovely. Peaceful. Fun.

Busy week ahead 🙂 Pictures soon!

Much joy,


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