(the picture is Ireland, not LaGrange..ha!)

A lot of you are LGC students/alumni. This post will come as no surprise to you.

For those of you who aren’t: Those of us that have been blessed to experience “life on the hill” all know and appreciate the administration here. Seriously, they are the best, and make this college experience what it is for most of us. I’d like to share with you an e-mail I received Monday morning form one of the “higher ups,” a person who has played a big role in the events that have happened over the past few weeks on campus that I’ve had to deal with as part of our social council. A faithful follower of God and an everyday reminder to be grateful for everything in life. HE LIVES. God moves in BIG ways. I’m blessed to be a part of this community and hope that when I leave this place I take with me what I’ve been given so much of here–encouragement, support, concern, and care. In all moments.

Dear Student:
The ability to complete assignments, balance your social life, and maintain a respectable GPA is a difficult and stressful task. This task is often complicated with the questioning of familiar habits, separating who your identity from the roles you’ve been taught, and finding a place to stand firm on what seems like shaky ground.
Please know that your numerous efforts to accomplish these things have not gone unnoticed! In fact, there are many times when students are in my thoughts. These times include exam results, homesickness, problems with relationships, faith crises, roommate conflicts, family concerns and death, money problems, burn out, frustration and any other unsettling situation that causes stress. Isn’t it true, however, that there are many other times when you need to know that someone is thinking of you?
Each week I mention the names of about twenty students on campus during my quiet time. I may not be aware of specific needs, but I am sensitive to how each student develops his or her full potential through their coursework, personal commitments and extracurricular activities.
During this week you will be in my thoughts and prayers. If you have questions on any issues about life or concerns you would like for me to remember, please do not hesitate to mention them to me or to e-mail me All information that you share with me will be kept in confidence except for issues of safety for you or others that must be reported to the appropriate College official. Even if I receive no communication from you, rest assured that you would still be in my thoughts and prayers.
Blessings upon you and have a great week!
In the Presence,

Anyway, I emailed said person back and asked if it was coincidence (meaning that I was part of a random list) that I am one of the 20 this week or if the 20 students are hand-chosen each week. The response was this:
In my line of work, nothing is a coincidence. You were one of the 20 students on my list so l see it as providence.

This is the benediction that said person always uses, one that always gets me:
May God walk in front of you to lead you;
May God tarry behind you to keep you from straying;
May God hover above you to protect you and drop below you to support you;
And most importantly, may God walk beside you because of the promise to never leave you.

And, one more thing, said person’s email signature is the following:
Transformation is what happens when we let go of the past, endure limbo, and receive a new beginning…

How cool is that? Many many thoughts for the day. 😉

4 thoughts on “LaGrange

  1. That benediction got me through my last semester. I used it in a sermong I preached for a class last semester.LaGrange will always hold a special place in your heart. Here’s to challenging the mind and inspiring the soul.


  2. My dear Sara you will always be challenged internally when you take a risk and share (post) your thoughts and pictures for the world to see. Do it anyway! Dad


  3. i second blair… truly. that benediction is my absolute favorite and got me through my last semester of college… ill never forget the sermon alvin preached about it… and me just crying the whole way through. lagrange is so special. one of the best places in the world. enjoy your last few months there… they are like no other anywhere else in the world…


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