boiled peanuts & southern GA fun

Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.
Watch for the new thing I am going to do.”

-Isaiah 43:18-19a

OK, if you didn’t know–you will know now. I like boiled peanuts. No, actually, I love boiled peanuts. I may get it from my grandmama (she loves them, too, and always stops to get some, which I also do). I may prefer them over chocolate (call me crazy, they’re good, and semi-healthy), and I may also still eat them even if they’re cold. Well, good news. Today I got some fresh boiled peanuts. Now, my grandmama gave me some this weekend, but fresh boiled peanuts are devine. Nevermind that they weren’t really hot and they weren’t to full “boiled” point yet, but they were still darn good. And I helped out the local food production or whatever I should call it. It was a good day. Not only for that reason, though.

At approximately 11:00am this morning I decided I’d take photographs this afternoon. There are some small towns I’ve been dying to visit/photograph. Today was perfect. Freezing, but perfect. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky (except a few random streaks). The light was luminous. I had a paper to write (*cough still do cough*), some research to finish up (*cough still do cough*), and a few other important things to do, but what better way to spend the afternoon? I figured I can write a paper at night, work on research at night (clearly I’m doing neither of those at the moment). Anyway, the light was so perfect that I could shoot in auto a majority of the time, which allowed for a super speedy photo taking experiences. Thanks to a crazy fast SD 16GB card (thanks Dad & Bri!), I tend to just shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and get very carried away with it. Because I can.

So, at approx. 11:01am I sent Raukisha a text. Invited (didn’t even have to talk her into it!) her to come with me. We left at 12:30pm. We drove through a few small towns, down some side roads, through some areas we probably shouldn’t have driven through (whatever, it’s the south–everyone’s nice, right?), and ended up coming home via Warm Springs & Pine Mountain. SO, we visited 4 little southern towns–none of which Raukisha had been to! It was SO MUCH FUN! She has already learned about my crazy picture taking obsession, and caught right onto the fact I was looking for LOCKS and neat old stuff. She’d point things out and we’d discuss what happened at each spot back in the hay day.

Anyway, the pics below are a few of the near 300 I took that I most likely won’t be using for my project–if I do, they’ll be different than they look on here. I’m already weird about showing stuff before I make it superb (if there’s a possibility that it’s going to be superb..I probably won’t post it until I use it in class).

I would have liked to put these between pics and post the journey chronologically, but I really do need to get some work done before bed. So, here are a few pics and a few comments.

Loose yourself.

Pine Mountaintotally true…and its a kinda weird kind of place…at least the mini-town is..
after 09248509485403985 tries to do this, almost being hit, and a cop car asking us what we were doing, this happened:
we stopped at an overpass bridge…and found this!

i love the details. i get it from my mother (mom, I’m totally Ok with it)

color color color!

this radio was just propped in a windowsil. seriously. I did not put it there.

cause no small town is complete without a beautiful United Methodist Church
Donkey from Skrek, anyone? (remove all bad thoughs now)
I can just imagine this conversation. “Hey, Bubba (cause everyone in the south is Bubba, probably), can we paint the doors blue?” When was that decided? It’s cool, though…just different.

p.s….it’s almost thanksgiving!

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