Road Trip!

Megan (the g-lil) and I ventured to Pine Mountain(Hill), GA for some fun, procrastination, and a little relaxation (she took a nap-HA!)
Some of these pics are edited; some I never got to. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do šŸ™‚

Grandmama: Below is the little lake with two docks (she went to camp there growing up!_, although you can’t see them here šŸ˜¦
Sweet Self-Timer action! SUCH a beauuuuuutiful day!

Psychology notes and camera equipment–two of my favs. I told you–I’m a big nerd!
Grandmama brought Liz, Bean, and I to this exact spot back in the day….
This was my view while I was studying.

One test down. It went well–was very looooooooooooong. Another test tomorrow, then our KD official visit. Yikes! craziness. BUT, I’m going home in ONE WEEK!

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