mission complete!

Good news. I finished the assignment. By 2am. YES!

Next big issue: Personality Psych test THURSDAY. massive test, hard prof, but it’s all on really interesting stuff–and the textbook is interesting to read. I’m such a nerd.

Even better news: My KD grandlil (shes my little sister’s little sister), Megan, and I are venturing to Pine Mountain (Danielle and I think a lot alike) today to spend some time together–having lunch at the tea room and then will shop/look around, then find a neat “mountain overlook” to post and study for a while. Looking very much forward to that today! I want to visit Pine Mountain before the leaves change, while they are changing changing, and after they change. I just love it! AND! It’s an absolutely beautiful day….and slightly on the cool side 🙂
EDIT: I’m also going to take pics for my photo class..since the roll I shot last week was the wrong kind of film…..AND don’t worry mom, I’m not going to buy anything, unless it’s for you!

Tonight is a seminar on poverty here on campus. Reps from both presidential campaigns are coming to debate/speak about poverty and related issues. Looking forward to that.

Look forward to some pics of today’s adventure!

One thought on “mission complete!

  1. mmm that poverty debate sounds awesome. i miss going to stuff like that… granted there is stuff at duke all the time… but its just different. such an ordeal to go there… not like good old lagrange. annnnd i look forward to pics!


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