So, football is on. That is awesome. I am excited.

Lookout…you may know the future of Olympic badminton greatness. We, along with our set from the Cordele WalMart (that’s some high dollar, good value), will make it. Half the racket heads spin off and the tape is missing on half the racket BUT we will press on. Until the mosquitos come out. At least that was the case today. We’re going to be good, watch out!

I took some sweet pics tonight, but I used a different setting on my camera that cannot be uploaded to the blog. Sad. So, here are a few I tried uploading the other day when, surprise, it didn’t work!!

I met some friends the other day….

This is the place I go to get REALLY tan.

this is my cousin Lauren. She’ll love me forever for this.

Good news:
The GRE is over. for now.
Bad news:
I left my study book in the FAU bathroom…

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