sight to see

so Melisa and i decided to play some tennis today. HA. not only was it a. a really funny situation, but b. the local high school cheerleaders were practicing on the basketball courts about 100 ft. away. Don’t people know tennis is a quiet sport? 🙂 “we want a TD. What is that? A touchdown! A touchdown”…whoa. enough to make us not want to stay, and our skills had already checked that box the moment we started. We had fun, though,. the claimed tennis pro that was on the court next to us told the kids that wanted to use our court that they had to move so he could take our court. disappointed. typical palm beach tennis players. lame.

I purchased my textbooks online tonight. All for under $250. Yes. That is correct. Melisa helped me–or read the ISBN numbers out number by number like a truck driver on a CAB radio. Why did all 7 of my books start with the same 3 numbers? weird. Lovely. Looking forward to a nice photography book appearing. It was the most expensive, naturally. The fact that photog is not even my major should probably either be a hint to a. that I should have been a photo major. or b. that I shouldn’t even be taking the class. I’m going with b, as I tried to get some neat shutter shots at the tennis court but really just sucked at it. I should probably master the art of knowing what buttons to push to get the thing set up. yikes. I’m looking forward to the class. Grandpa is giving me his old 35mm that he used to take pics of us growing up with. I’m excited–very!

Mold is gone in the KD house. Good news. I won’t die from living there.

On another note, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, aka “the pants’ is coming out tomorrow. I’ll definitely be at a matinee. Forget another 7-5:30 workday. I’m bustin the doors to see the movie at 4:20. I have to be at a dinner for work tomorrow night, so I have to see the movie beforehand, right?

Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I miss you, whoever you are! Tell me who you are, I don’t even know who reads this, if anyone other than Danielle and Ms. Becky. I still don’t have the guts to make it “public”–aka put the link on facebook–yet. not sure if I’m ready.

love. love. love.

p.s. this is what happens when the fosh kids try to take a picture. Why am I always the one looking lovely?

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