Yesterday & Today {Personal}

I recently found the below in a ‘drafts’ folder – last saved Aug 30, 2012. I kept the title. I’m not sure why I never finished this post (ahem, life) – maybe there was a certain reason. Maybe I forgot about it. Which would be ironic because the post is mostly about remembering.

Record your memories. In word form and in photo form. Even if you don’t think you’re a writer. Even if you don’t think you know how to use your camera. Do it for those that will live on after you. Think of how cool it is/would be to find memories written down by your Grandmother. Do it for your future grandkids. Your future nieces/nephews. People love you and want to know about you. Do it for them and those that will follow them. I want to write more. I want to remember more. I want some little moments to never be forgotten. In word form, in photo form – I’ll record them. It’s impossible to record everything, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Write your story. Tell your story. Share your story. ¬†You are loved. That is enough reason.

I need to write more often. I say this a lot. I don’t write a lot. Such is life.

Since birthing my girl I feel like my capacity for remembering significant details has increased. I was going to use the word ‘small,’ but they aren’t small details. I may not have remembered to cover last night’s stuffed shells with foil before putting them in the oven, but I remember everything about the day my girl was born. Everything. I remember how many gas drops Lillie gets on any given day (read: a lot). I remember when she gripped my finger the first night we were home, snd how I decided right then to give up the silly (to me) notion that we would never cosleep. We don’t often, but there is little in this world sweeter than cuddling up to our sweet baby, listening to that tiny heart pitter patter. I remember cutting her hospital bands off, and the feeling I got in my throat as I held back tears. I remember when she first followed my voice. When she first showed the extreme pout face. I remember non-Lillie related things too, like which snacks went into each bag when we left for vacation a few weeks back.

Yesterday was a day I will never forget. Lillie woke up chatting (ok, baby chatting). She spent the entire morning chatting. To me. To the fan. To her pals (funny looking animal toys). She went from the quiet, occasional coo to constant chatting. She coos. She squeals. She gets excited. Her facial expressions became more pronounced today, too. She spent most of the rest of the day chatting. She was hard to calm down for naps and bedtime because she was looking all over the place, chatting or squealing away. She sat at the table in her bouncy seat and interrupted everyone to squeal at Mr. Owl. It was her first really alert family dinner experience. And no one was in a hurry to leave the table. It was good. So so good. Girl doesn’t want to miss a thing. We can tell she’s trying to laugh, too, which is both entertaining and exciting. Although its happening much too quickly.

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