Liam – 11 Months: Palm Beach Gardens Childrens Photographer

Little Liam – he’s so precious! I was able to spend some time with my friend/sorority sister/college roommate Lisa at a wedding this past weekend. It was a wonderful reunion and we had the perfect chance to get a few shots of her little one. I love that, even after not seeing my friends for sometimes over a year, it feels like we still are roommates and figuring out whether or not we are going to the caf for dinner – or making some cheap meal in our apartment. OK, maybe we are beyond eating in the caf, but nevertheless, I am blessed to have lifelong friends. Having friends with cute babies doesn’t hurt, either!

<IMG SRC=SDP_9468 copy

<IMG SRC=[SDP_9474 copy

<IMG SRC=SDP_9466 copy

<IMG SRC=SDP_9473-1 copy 2

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