Yum, and other important things

I made baked eggplant parmesan for dinner. Lordy, it was good. We [see: John] had planned on grilling it (we’ve had it this way a couple times before and LOVED it), but since he had praise band rehearsal tonight I decided to embark on a little adventure. Said adventure took me all the way from my computer upstairs to the printer downstairs, which was temporarily placed on the kitchen counter oh, about 6 months ago probably. It’s really not in the way, so I think I’ll keep it there until I find a better place for it. So, in going to the printer I ended up in the kitchen, to the destination of my journey. [Danielle, don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on anything during this journey.]

Before printing, I had looked over a few recipes that looked yummy, but they all involved frying the eggplant before baking it, and honestly I just didn’t want to make that big of a mess tonight. I finally landed gold. Fully oven baked eggplant parmesan. Eggplant baked, then added to a dish of yummy spaghetti sauce (thanks Granny and Grandpa) and loads of mozarella cheese, and then baked again. Speaking of cheese, WHY do recipes always call for half the amount of cheese that should be added to any given dish? I just don’t understand. Also, speaking of the spaghetti sauce, and why I thanked my grandparents, I should tell you – we are territorial about this sauce. It is good. It comes from an Italian restaurant in Tampa (where my grandparents live). Lordy, it is good. John and I can clean out over half a jar (yes, a normal sized spaghetti jar) in one meal. Tonight, we did just that. Wam bam, thank you mam, we love spaghetti sauce.

ANYWAY, all that (whew!) to say: IT. WAS. GOOD. A homerun. A slamdunk. A winner (not a winner winner chicken dinner). It was good. We didn’t even need to eat anything else, like a fruit or a vegetable (sorry mom). It was yummy.

That, my friends, is the greatest story ever told. Right?

Knock. Knock. This Thing on?

Just because posts are better with pictures (this one happens to be taken at one of my favorite places):

DSC_6566 1.psd

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